10 Essential Job Skills For Freshers. In the IT Industry.

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10 essential job skills. qalabtech.com

10 Essential Job Skills For Freshers. In the IT Industry.

Job skills are the foremost requirement in today’s employment scenario; if do not have the right skill-set, then your chances of getting employed are diminished. But we live in a dynamic world where job roles are changing, and several jobs are losing due to technology, so how does one prepare for jobs for freshers in the future? Or how do you ensure that your job skills stay relevant ten years down the line?

Firstly, you need to understand that the jobs of today will change only due to technology. Artificial Intelligence is taking over jobs in various sectors, and it is reducing repetitive work. In the future, human intervention will be required only for the things that machines cannot do.

We have listed down job skills that need your intellect which no machine can replicate, leaving you in a comfortable position to take on any jobs offered in the future

Written and Spoken Communication Skills

This is a key skill as it is the ability to put your thoughts into words. If you’re feeling communication is the only factor setting you back, then improve on your communication skills right now! That is the first thing that will set you apart from other job seekers. You can use MyEnglishLab to do a Skill Assessment and check how well your English communication skills are and how to improve them.

Technical writing, Coding and Digital Skills

Someone has to write the code for the machines and who can do this job better than you? The future is going to be on devices, with apps and digital platforms for everything. You need to stay relevant with trending technical skills that will offer you jobs. If you know coding and programming languages you land a job with a handsome salary.

Collaboration Skills

Employers find this as a top job skill required in a fresher. They want employees who can work together in a team and find ways in which they can collaborate with other people. Increasingly the world is becoming cross-functional. You may be an automobile engineer for a driverless car, but you may have to work alongside a software designer for improving UX and UI within the car apps. You cannot function as a single worker anymore!

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Even as much AI has improved and will keep on improving over the years, it will never be able to think with as much clarity as a human brain. This is because a human mind can perceive many factors which a machine cannot. Critical thinking and following it up with problem-solving is among the most vital job skills to develop.

Agility and Adaptability

The moment you hear yourself say, ‘Oh I cannot do this’ you have become irrelevant!
Updated versions of each technology are coming out even before you can master it. This is why it becomes essential to understand the core of each technology/process. And you’ve got to be agile and be prepared to adapt. Change is going to be the new constant!

Creativity and Imagination

It might seem that there is no possible way to learn job skills like creativity and imagination. But it is not so! You can indeed work on developing these skills. First, you need to build curiosity, always ask why this, and why not. Once you start asking the questions, you will begin to think outside of the box. Don’t be a sheep in a herd!

People Management

The ability to handle people is going to be the biggest asset anyone can have! In a world where millennials avoid talking to each other and prefer text communication, speaking to people and getting them to do work is going to be among the best job skills you can have.

Negotiation Skills

When everyone seems to be busy creating products, someone has to go out and sell them! Negotiation and sales skills are going to be the best job skills you can have, in fact, sales roles are on the rise over the last few years. Negotiation skills can be useful in several situations, whether convincing investors or getting the right vendors.

Service Orientation

Service jobs are going to increase over the years, and customer service is going to be among the top job roles. This is because everybody is going to be a consumer of a corporation and everyone needs to be happy and satisfied with the products and services. Among the top job, skills would be this ability to be calm and address the concern of a user.

Emotional Intelligence

No amount of coding can automate emotional intelligence in a machine. When an irritated customer calls up a customer care helpline, no number of electronic messages are going to help. Or when the project is going haywire due to labour problems, no machine is going to talk to them directly. Emotional Intelligence and the ability to understand a fellow human being is going to be the best job skill you can have. It will set you apart and make you valuable whether you are a junior executive or a CEO!

Do you think you have all these essential job skills in you? Let us know in the comments below.

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