Software Testing Career Opportunities and Jobs.

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career opportunities in software testing

Software Testing Career Opportunities and Jobs.

Software testing as a career focuses on long-term goals of improving the satisfaction and security of software users and developers. No one can tell you which career is best for you except yourself. The Best career will be the one for you where your interest lies. With time and practice, one can become a better tester and can hope for a high salary, more challenging task, a better position, and more training.  

Software testing as a career

So, let’s discuss the Future of Software Testing:
Actually, there is no one career path for a software tester, many doors open after you become certified Software Tester.

1.) QA Analyst

The job of a QA Analyst is to design a test plan, assigning a team to do the testing and check if all the process performed in testing is followed in the correct way or not.

Skills-set required :

  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Listening skills
  • Writing skills

Average salary: 2-5 lakh.

2) Quality Engineer

He provides supervision to direct quality wage personnel (inspectors, auditors, technicians). His job is to ensure if all the process of engineering and manufacturing are performed correctly or not.

Skill-set required :

  • An eye for detail.
  • Interpersonal skill.
  • Analytical and problem-solving
  • Decisions making skills.

Average salary: 3-7 lakh

3) Test Manager

He is the one who provides direction to the whole testing team. He works as a leader who helps in getting the best result. Test Manager is responsible for:

  • The success of a project
  • Handling the resources for testing
  • Implementing the appropriate testing parameters while testing the product
  • Planning and analyzing the testing steps for the given project.

Average salary: 10-12 lakh.

Alternate Career Tracks as a Software Tester

Once you have got your hand dirty in manual testing, you can pursue following specializations

  • Automation Testing:

Automation testing has too many categories. If you try to learn at least one tool or skill of each category then you can have a great career.

   Average salary: 2-3 lakh.

  • Performance Tester: It is a process to check the performance of software regarding its speed, functions, features, responsiveness, etc. Average salary: 4-6 lakh.
  • Business Analyst: A Business Analyst must have an end to end business knowledge. His work is to analyze strategies, operations, and applications in business.

       Average salary: 3-5 lakh

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Projects assigned:

Type of project assigned to a software tester depends on their team, but they usually carry out these plans:

  • Perform tests
  • Check errors/defects
  • Plan simple test cases
  • Do other quality projects 

Computer proficiency required:

A student of B. Tech, MCA, BCA, BSC can easily get a job in software testing if they have required skills in them.
Here are the popular software tester certifications:                               software testing certificates

  •  ISTQB Certified Tester
  • Certified Software Tester (CSTE)
  •  CSPM
  • Many more…



Changes with Experience:

With experience, a software tester begins to feel where his applications fail. He starts understanding how to test in a better way. Better software is developed by him with time and experience. Also, their communication skills grow and get better.
For example, when started working in a team, you may be interested in learning how to organize projects and divide up the work, becoming a test manager.

I think, if you take up Software testing, your career path is certainly not limited and there’s not just one way to grow. When it comes to the career path of a software tester, the sky is the limit!


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