Android/IOS Testing

What Will I Learn?

  • become an expert in mobile application testing

  • Master mobile test automation


The true evolution of the internet started in the late 1900s and technology has really changed the way we communicate. Our world has become much smaller with the help of modern technologies. The revolution of smartphones and tablets brought us a new era of communication and computing. Nowadays, our everyday computing is not limited into the larger screens and we cannot imagine a single day without the pocket-sized devices. It has brought a lot more challenges to the service providers. In today’s world, service providers need to worry about making their websites applications compatible for pocket-sized devices. It is must required to survive in today’s market competition. This is where mobile testing comes into play and it has become a crucial part of our software testing. Nowadays, our applications need to be compatible for different screen sizes and operating systems. Mobile automation is still a brand new technology in the market and it’s difficult to find mobile automation expertise. As a result, we often find it very difficult to find proper resources to learn mobile testing. QAEversity is focused to make it easier for QA professionals to deliver the proper mobile testing training solution. We have taken a step-by-step process to discuss manual and automated mobile testing from scratch. In this course, all aspects of mobile testing is covered including different mobile testing tools, manual testing of android devices, setting up and configuration of android driver and emulator, writing java codes, changing user agents of browser, mobile automation hands-on project, Mobile automation using Perfecto Mobile, and native mobile application testing.

Who is the target audience?

  • Software testers should take this course

  • Beginners in mobile app development industry should take this course


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