How to excel as a Software Tester?

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excel as a software tester
How to excel as a Software Tester?

A job of a Software Tester is like, having discovered a fascinating occupation and found a decent line of work, one shouldn’t stop and unwind.
To be effective and efficent professionally in this field, one ought to continually gain some new useful knowledge.
In any profession, the most important thing is to enjoy your occupation and finding a way to remain motivated.
One should provoke themselves to adopt new skills and to take new responsibilities which will help them in getting job satisfaction and growth in their career.
Technology waits for none and keeps getting updated with time. So, we should remain up to date with the latest tools and technologies for testing software.

Tips to grow as a software tester:

  1. Gain technical knowledge
    The more technical you are, the more marketable you will be. Yes, technical knowledge is a plus point to your profile and such individuals are always handpicked. If you have combined skills of testing + development, you can include yourself in all the technical specifications meetings.
  2.  Be a good Leader
    “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want to be done because he wants to do it”– Dwight D. Eisenhower
    A good leader is irreplaceable. Every organization needs a good leader to provide the right direction to a team of fresh individuals and guides them about how their company works. Every organization need senior testers who can lead a team well and can speak well with clients to satisfy them with their product.
  3. Continuous Improvement
    The world of technology is not stagnant. It changes at the blink of an eye. There is a need for continuous improvement in software testing too. A good tester never sits in their comfort and stops learning. A software tester should keep improving their skills in manual and automated testing and should learn how to work with new tools, master different methods and approaches to security testing, load testing, usability testing, functional testing etc. Such type of knowledge increases the value of a software tester in any organization.
  4. Programming Skills
    A software tester should at least know the basic programming. A tester who can’t program even the basic programs, can’t be as effective as compared to other software testers. Programming skills plays a important role to test a software you, must know the codes in which you are finding errors.
  5. Creative mind
    Testers must constantly think of how can they do things better as compared to now. They need to understand test cases in depth, compare them and improve its strategies. Nowadays testers mostly concentrate on testing strategies rather than on details of testing.
  6. Be a good Communicator
    There is a difference between talking and communicating. Anyone can talk nicely but communicating means talking to a client in a convincing manner. A tester must be able to communicate clearly, accurately to convince the customer with their product. A software tester must have good communication and writing skills to excel in the industry. Work at communication skills, learn foreign languages. Good communication skill always helps in the growth of your career.
  7. Learn Automation
    Automation is a huge topic of discussion nowadays.
    If you have ever gone into the depth of this topic, then you must have thought about “How automation fixes everything”. We are Humans, we do mistakes but why a Computer doesn’t?
    How a Computer can do those things which even a human being cannot?
    Because in the first place the brain working behind a computer is of a human. To make the computer perform our tasks, we have done programming in it. Automation means setting things automatic. A tester needs to learn it how to make their software functionalities, tasks performed automatically.
  8. Invest in Yourself
    Invest in yourself means to try to learn the skills of a software tester which you lack and keep yourself up to date with change in technology and market demands. Read books, magazines, blogs on software testing to be aware of the latest trends.
  9. Don’t think of Software Testing as Boring
    I think you can never enjoy or excel in the field you think boring. It is our mindset which makes a thing boring. Think of software testing as an interesting and exciting career option with a lot of growth in it, be determined to learn it, then no one can stop you in getting success as a software tester.


Must follow the tips above to grow as a software tester professionally. Hope you implement these tips for your better future in software testing and trust me there is a lot of scope in software testing, all you need is to have required skills and knowledge for it.

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