Main objective of industrial training is to provide the work experience to student in particular field, and to provide a certificate for future record. In classroom students only learn theory and they don’t know about practical terms, for this SRC provides its student a special industrial training program in which student joins the industry relevant to their technologies and they complete their training in a particular time frame such as 6 months or 3 months etc.

As we have plenty of B.Tech, MCA, BCA , B.COM students that take benefits of our industrial training program. The training is basically designed for providing comprehensive knowledge about the special area of interest.

Here are some points listing below why industrial training important

  • First-hand experience working as an engineering professional
  • Apply your technical knowledge and engineering methods to real-life situations
  • Increase your technical skills 
After training student are rewarded by the Industrial training certificate too which also increases the chances of candidate selection while a student applying for a job.


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