What is Online Marketing: Techniques, Scope, Jobs.

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What Is Online Marketing or Digital Marketing?

Online marketing is all about the way you tell the story to convince your customer with the products and services available online. Digital Marketing refers to the use of different ideas to attract customer to sell product or service online.
Now, let us understand the core difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about attracting customers to our products and services online
using techniques like SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

  • It is easily measurable with the help of analytics.
  • Here we can easily identify our targeted audience.
  • Digital Marketing mediums are cost-effective.
  • Here, it is easy to know what people think about us and our product.

In, Traditional Marketing the promoting products and services is done through different channels like TV, Newspaper, Broadcast, Banner and Sponsorship.

  • It is difficult to measure
  • Here it is difficult to find out the targeted audience.
  • It is not cost-effective
  • Here, it is difficult to know what people think about us and our product.
  • Nowadays, People spend most of the time at social media to be familiar with the latest news, entertainment and commerce.

Digital Marketing Techniques:

Search engine optimization (SEO):
SEO optimizes a website to increase its ranking in SERP. This process can be difficult, complex and time-consuming but, delivers better results if executed properly.

Search engine marketing (SEM):
SEM is promoting your website with the help of search engines. It helps in getting more free traffic or paid traffic. Your website reaches the top of the SERP listing.

Content marketing:
It involves the idea to attract the customer to our products and services through content. Information can be provided to the customers through content, such as blog posts, infographics, eBooks or videos.

Social Media Marketing (SMM):
It refers to the promotion of products or services or content using social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Email marketing:
It refers to target the audience through email. It targets those audiences which keep visiting at your site again and again and we keep them updated about our offers.

Affiliate Marketing:
It is a sales technique used for selling products and services, through an intermediator(Affiliate marketer) who charges a commission if a product is sold. Some affiliate marketing sites are Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

What does a digital marketer do?

Work of a digital marketer is to create awareness about their product or service through all digital channels both free and paid.
Online marketing channels are social media, the company’s own website, search engine rankings, email, blog etc. A good digital marketer makes a marketing strategy and implements it in a unique way to stand out from the competition.
A digital marketer who’s in charge of SEO, his/her duty is to measures how much traffic is coming on their website i.e., how many visitors visiting our website daily or weekly, sessions.

Scope of Digital Marketing

The scope of digital marketing has been very vast in recent times. In India, more than 40 crores(around 30-35%) people are using the internet in their daily lives and it is said in 2019 the figure will reach 50%. That’s a huge audience or a customer reach for a business who want to promote their business through online marketing.

Jobs for a Digital Marketer

A career in digital marketing can be really fruitful if you got the right skill and knowledge. You can go for many jobs both at the entry-level and top-level you can get a handsome salary. Job posts you can apply for:

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist
  2. Social Media Manager
  3. SEO Specialist
  4. Content Writer
  5. Email Marketer
  6. Affiliate Marketer
  7. Professional Blogger
  8. Online Reputation Manager
  9. Ecommerce Specialist
  10. Ad Words Specialist

Hope this blog would be helpful for all the people who want to build a career in Online marketing.

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